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Ontario Truck Drivers: We’re Proud to Share the Road With You


SmartWay® is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.
Tandet Dedicated and Tandet Logistics have been members of the Smartway® program since 2005.

Ontario Trucking

As members of the Ontario Trucking Association, a part of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, the Tandet Group of Companies promotes green initiatives in the trucking industry. OTA members consist of companies from virtually every Canadian province as well as the United States, providing services and public policy advocacy to the trucking industry. Some of the OTA environmentally conscious advocacy and initiatives include:

  • Boat Tail Fairings
  • Long Combination Vehicles (LCV)
  • Single Wide Tires
  • Trailer Side Skirts
  • Alternative Fuels

We strive to improve our environmental awareness and impact in everything we do. Programs and practices include:

  • Oil Recovery and waste-oil diversion
  • Battery recycling programs for our fleets and service facilities. The program is also available to employees, enabling them to bring their old household batteries to work for recycling.
  • Metals recycling – all waste metals from our repair facilities are diverted to recycling.
  • Replacing lighting systems with lower wattage alternatives (while increasing actual light output for improved visibility and safety)

Our fleets operate on a managed refresh cycle to help ensure we are able to benefit from the latest truck and engine technologies. These include:

  • 2010+ Emission Standards
  • DEF technology
  • Continually improving faring designs allowing for improved air-flow coefficients, reducing fuel consumption
  • Low rolling-resistance tires

Our drivers participate in monthly incentive (bonus) programs that encourage driving habits that contribute to fuel efficiency. Good for business, good for the environment.

At Tandet, thinking Green is a process of constant evolution of the awareness of our inescapable relationship with the environment. Always assessing new options and alternatives, we continue to review programs and technologies.